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Rich Red Area Rugs

For Moroccan rugs and tribal style rugs, red is a common colour, both in accents and large areas of deep warm tones bordered with geometric designs. Red area rugs are not confined to traditionally woven carpets and our range covers traditional red Persian rugs through to brightly dyed solid coloured red shaggy rugs.

Red area rugs can be styled as unobtrusive floor coverings or as bold statements that can't help but be noticed. Your personal style and taste should dictate which. For the less adventurous, unwilling to commit to a large area rug, red throw rugs are an ideal compromise. These smaller rugs can easily be changed with little cost or hassle. The additional texture and colour provided by rugs can tie together individual styling elements into a unified interior that illustrates your individual flair.

Red rug rounds with soft piles are a great choice for creating comfortable nooks within your home or office space and red and black geometric design area rugs lend a contemporary feel to interiors. Manmade materials often ensure brighter, vibrant colours for floor rugs. Acrylic, polyester and polypropylene are all durable, stain-resistant and soft fibres that are often cheaper than their natural counterparts.