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Square Area Rugs for Australian Homes

Rug shapes can have a big impact on an interior's décor, so there are a few tips to keep in mind when considering square area rugs for the home or office. The many styles and sizes of square rugs – 200 x200 or very large 300 x 300 square rugs, and even square cowhide rugs, makes choosing a floor rug to suit your personal style and tie together other decorative choices much easier.

Because the shape of floor rugs can affect the rest of a room's styling, we've noted some general guides to keep in mind if choosing a square rug for your home or office space. Square area rugs work best in square rooms, however, an oversized square rug of 240 x 240 or larger may be used in bigger rectangular rooms to create interest and define zones. Small square rugs can create different zones within rooms or entranceways such as cosy seating areas.

Our wide range of styles and pile depths include square shaggy rugs - a firm favourite for giving bedrooms additional soft textures. Natural materials such as jute or sisal are an excellent choice for square rugs being placed in outdoor areas.


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