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Green area rugs are an excellent style choice as this colour often complements other hues in an interior. Whether a deep emerald green rug or a whimsical deep pile green blue rug is your preferred choice, floor rugs and green throw rugs are an excellent way to bring colour and texture to your home.

Large green floor rugs with white patterns bring young energy to a room, often lifting the ambience and creating a modern and energetic atmosphere. When balanced with warmer tones, such as polished wooden floors, green Persian area rugs or floor runners are an easy way to deliver traditional style while reducing noise and protecting floors in high traffic areas. Green outdoor rugs are an easy way to create a relaxed transition from the natural surrounds to manmade spaces such as paved floors or patio spaces.

Green shaggy area rugs for children's rooms and play areas are a luxuriously soft and comfortable choice. Manmade fibres such as acrylic or polypropylene for these deep piles make these green floor rugs easier to clean, faster to dry and more durable than some other natural fibres – creating a perfect cosy space for children. dispatches all rug orders within 24 hours of being placed.


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