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Rugs in hallways reduce noise, protect floors and add beautiful colour in homes. Whether placed over hardwood floorboards, polish concrete or carpeted floors, hallway runner rugs are a stylish home décor choice.

Floor rugs of all kinds are an excellent way to complete the interior décor of your home. The rich colours and textures can be used to bring together eclectic choices to create a cohesive style that shows your individual taste and personal flare. Hallway rugs can be matched to large area rugs for living rooms to carry a design theme through the home, or used as an individual statement of bold style. Available in a wide range of styles, colours, and materials, hallway rugs come in both natural and manmade fibres, making it simple to find something to suit your home and individual taste.

In warmer climates, Australian homes can benefit from flat weave rugs as they trap less heat. Shorter piles of floor rugs are easier to keep clean and as hallway rugs are used in one of the highest traffic areas of a home or office, they should be made of hardwearing natural fibres such as wool or jute, or engineered fibres like polyester.


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