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Often bringing to mind beautiful warm colours and luxurious textures, Moroccan rugs come in far more variety than simple reds. Moroccan rugs are one of the most popular floor rugs in our online store, and for good reasons too; the quality and style of a Moroccan rug or runner is timeless.

Traditional Moroccan area rugs are handmade with a tendency toward warmer colours and medallion style designs. However, modern machine woven rug making methods are now used for many floor rugs. This has helped Moroccan rugs become cheaper and more accessible, while also increasing the choice of rug styles available. For those looking to maintain authenticity with traditional handwoven rugs, vintage Moroccan rugs are an excellent choice. The distressed appearance of vintage rugs offers contemporary interest while maintaining a sense of traditional style.

Moroccan floor rugs can be further categorised into the areas they have originated from and the style they are woven with. Moroccan Berber rugs are the most popular, however kilim rugs and flat weave dhurries are also a sought after style for homes and offices. Our online store has a wide range of floor rugs that can be delivered to homes and offices around Australia, including Sydney, Byron Bay and Melbourne locations.


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