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Orange Area Rugs For Australian Interiors

From light peach to deep terracotta shades, an orange area rug can be a bold style choice for interiors and lend a touch of modern glamour to your home. Rugs with orange woven through a pattern are a more subtle way to include this colour in your interior pallet.

Orange throw rugs are an excellent choice for boldly updating the style of a room while bright orange floor rugs can create a statement and give strong contrast to other design elements. To enhance the warmth of orange Persian rugs, pair them with other warm shades like plum cushions to create depth for the interior décor. If aiming for a more neutral or balanced feel, orange area rugs should be paired with brown, black and grey accessories. For patio and outside areas, orange outdoor rugs can tie together terracotta bricks, planters and clay chimeras to create a cohesive style.

Orange floral rugs for bathrooms are a bold choice that often works to complement less audacious decisions such as white tiles or dark fixtures. All of floor rugs are delivered to homes in NSW, and other parts of Australia free of charge within 8 days of placing an order.