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Enjoying a return to interior fashions, shag rugs are great for adding cosy touches to your interior. Available in solid colours or patterned designs, shaggy rugs are a style choice that shout comfort and luxury.

Shaggy area rugs in grey or white are a cool and stylish choice for any interior. This classic colour pairing is a timeless choice for floor rugs. Shaggy rugs of 8x10 layered on top of oversized low pile rugs create a space that is comfortable and stylish, perfect for snuggling up in and enjoying quiet moments. Hygge-style homes wishing to recreate a Scandinavian feel may benefit from large shaggy area rugs in pink that complement accent colours in cushions and throws.

Shaggy area rugs made from engineered fibres such as polyester and acrylic are both hard wearing and easy to clean; a perfect combination for homes with pets or children looking for a durable shaggy rug that is cheaper than natural fibred rugs. Our wide range of shaggy rugs for sale includes long floor runners, luxurious round rugs for bathrooms, and large area rugs for living rooms. All floor rugs sold by are shipped free of charge within 24 hours of placing an order.


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