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Tribal Area Rugs for Contemporary Styling

Tribal area rugs for the home add colour, texture and ethnic style that can be easily tailored to your personal taste and individual flair.

Area rugs with tribal designs include everything from elegant tribal Persian rugs through to tribal Moroccan rugs and even southwestern style area rugs. This broad term for rug designs covers almost any style of rug created by nomadic or semi-nomadic tribal weavers. Traditional tribal floor rugs are made with hand knotted weaves but can also include flatweave kilim rugs and dhurries. While warm reds, ochres and yellows readily spring to mind, tribal rugs in black and white can also be found at AUrugs online.

Tribal floor rugs are an excellent choice for protecting carpets or polished wood floors in a home or office. Hallway runners can reduce noise in high traffic areas while also adding colour and interest to often decoratively neglected areas. All of the tribal rugs, area rugs and other floor rugs found in our online store are shipped free of charge to homes in Melbourne, Sydney and other areas of Australia's states and territories.


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