Persian Rugs


Persian Rugs

Although they may not be imbued with the magic of genies, Persian rugs are one of the most sought after and timeless styles of rugs to grace the floors of homes all over the world. Persian rugs are a classic soft furnishing that can complement both modern interiors and traditional homes.

The warm textures and colours of Persian rugs look great on hardwood floors or layered over carpets in living rooms. Known for their quality and durability, Persian rugs can be passed from generation to generation, often outliving their creators. It is this quality that makes them both sought after and timeless choices for home décor. The very durability of these rugs makes them ideal for the newer trend of over-dyed rugs. The traditional designs are enhanced with solid bright colours that breathe new life into them, updating their look for decades to come.

While fibres such as wool and silk are often used for Persian rugs, modern rugs such as machine made Persian rugs from engineered fibres like polyester mixes and acrylics are a great option for those looking for cheaper Persian style rugs. Alternatively, Persian rugs on sale or reduced for clearance stock are often a great way to find a Persian rug for less.