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Flatweave Area Rugs

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Flatweave Area Rugs

Flatweave area rugs are an excellent way to add texture and comfort to bare floors without retaining much heat. The woven nature of flat weaves make the style ideal for jute rugs and runners made from natural materials like sisal and cotton.

Because flatweave area rugs trap less heat than their pile woven counterparts, they are ideal floor coverings for homes in warmer climates. Sisal fibres for flat weave rugs naturally become softer over time as they wear; they also pull moisture from the air making homes cooler and more comfortable on muggy days. The addition of softer textures for bare wood or concrete floors is a welcome luxury in cooler months.

Flatweave area rugs are usually less expensive than knotted pile rugs making them a great choice for updating your home's décor with the seasons, or on a limited budget. Grey rugs are a stylish choice when it comes to bedrooms and living spaces. Lighter coloured flat weave rugs tend to make living areas appear bigger and brighter. Oriental flatweave rugs, dhurries, and tribal round rugs are an excellent choice for styling homes and defining areas with a touch of colour and cultural flair.


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