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Cotton Area Rugs


Cotton Area Rugs

For easy to change home styling, cotton area rugs offer colour, simplicity and easy to clean option that can be changed with each season.

Cotton area rugs are particularly suited to coastal décor choices, but the wide range of styles and designs means they aren't limited to this choice for interior design. Cotton Indian rugs are generally found in flatweave styles. Hardwearing cotton jute area rugs are a great choice for homes with pets and children. The flat weave is naturally resistant to collecting pet hair, soil or dirt and is easy to clean with regular vacuuming. Soft, shaggy style cotton rugs are perfect for homes needing a little more softness and texture. The luxurious feel of a deeper pile cotton rug on the soles of feet is undeniable.

Cotton throw rugs are another great way to instantly change the feel of an interior. Brightly coloured cotton rugs and throws are easily washable and a perfect way to layer textures throughout your home. All rugs from AUrugs online are shipped free of charge within 24 hours of ordering and expected to arrive to all Australian states and territories with 7 days of dispatch.


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