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Oversized Area Rugs for Living Rooms

Oversized rugs are floor rugs or giant picnic rugs measuring a minimum of 230cm?, meaning they will easily fill an entire room! For larger rooms and open plan living spaces, oversized area rugs are best placed in the centre of the living space, leaving the bare floor or carpet beneath to create a border.

Oversized area rugs for living rooms are an excellent way to add comfort and warmth to polished wooden floors, helping interior open-plan spaces to become defined zones. Oversized rugs come in almost any style or pile depth, from solid colour shaggy area rugs through to contemporary round rugs with geometric patterns. All can be used to complete the interior design of a home or office, bringing warmth and texture to the décor's pallet.

Attractive oversized area rugs work well in open plan homes. If carefully chosen, these extra-large floor rugs can complement other interior styling choices without appearing overbearing or squeezed into a space. Often bringing together the other design elements of décor choices, oversized floor rugs are a great alternative to wall to wall carpets. All AURugs are shipped free of charge and delivered to all parts of Australia within 7 – 8 days of ordering.


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