Silk Area Rugs


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Luxurious Silk Area Rugs

The fine fibres of silk allow for intricate patterns and designs that make them so desirable. Persian silk rugs and silk area rugs from Kashmir are some of the most sought after for Australian homes.

Silk area rugs are not only beautiful and able to transform the look of any room with their colourful designs, silk Kashmir rugs and Persian rugs are also some of the most collectable of rugs available. Often with higher knot counts than wool rugs or floor rugs made from other materials, the fine fibres of silk rugs enable the intricate and vibrant patterns they are renowned for. The natural durability of silk means these rugs won't disintegrate as they age, or lose their shape as can happen with wool or cotton rugs.

If placed in on walls or low traffic area of the home, the lustrous sheen of silk rugs will last for generations. Silk rug cleaning should be done by a professional to ensure they retain their value and beauty. For those of us whose pockets aren't quite deep enough to purchase a silk rug, silk bamboo rugs are a cheaper option that still delivers the soft texture of silk with slightly more durability.